Electric Rectifier Stack

Rectifier Stacks

Rectifier Stacks supplied by us are available in various designs; sizes and specifications adhere to the specific industry requirements and are Press Fit. Manufactured by reputed vendors and specially designed for welding and plating, rectifiers’ stacks are used in diverse rectifier stack combinations and are available in models of Rectifier Stack-Press fit rectifier stacks-Investor stacks with TGBT.


Because of their constructive design, their low compassion against overload for short term and intermittent, and high temperature, the press fit diode rectifier stacks are particularly capable for application in electroplating rectifiers, welding rectifiers, power supplies, excitation circuit, battery charger, etc.


Selenium Rectifier Stacks

We offer extensive range of Selenium Rectified Stacks procured from recognized and reliable sources designed and manufactured as per international and industrial standards. Selenium Rectifier Stacks supplied by us are of high quality is compact, PCB mountable and are effective in providing complete protection to IGBT & mosfet in power circuits. The selenium rectifier stacks and trans clips supplied by us bear dividing amplifiers and wound current transformers.

Range of Selenium Rectifier Stacks supplied by us include features of ISO Sense-Hall Effect Current Sensors -Fast Response Time - 1/js typical-Digital output-isolated from sensed current-PCB Mountable-Compact-Economical.
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