Electrolytic Capacitor

DC-Link Capacitor

Non-inductive winding with metallized polypropylene film,special metal spray, flame retardant plastic shell or mylartape encapsulation, flame retardant epoxy potting, tinplated copper wire, copper sheet or copper nut terminal.small size and large current, low temperature rise, lowstray inductance,long lifetime, widely used in UPS, smallpower inverter, inverter, plating power supply, inverterwelding machine, induction heating power for dc filter.
Capacitance Tol.±5%J±10%(K)
 1.1Un30% of on-load-dur.
over voltage1.2Un5min/day
tgδ0tgδ≤0.0002 0
RiXCn≥5000s20℃±5℃ 100V.DC 60s
Climatic Category40/85/21
Operating Temp.-40℃~85℃θh.s≤85℃
Storage Temp.-40℃~85℃
Torque of terminalsM6:3.5N.m M8:6N.m
Lifetime Expectancy100000hθh.s=70℃
EncapsulationMylar tape or plastic housing, black or white epoxy
Flame retardationUL94V-0

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  • Item Code: DCL

High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitors

We offer High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitors procured from reputed and recognized brands like Rescon, Epcon and Advance are used in variety of industrial applications. Made as per international standards these are available in Stud and Flat Base from 100V to 500V DC ranging from 100MFD to 22000MFD.

These reputed brand High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitors work on the principle of electrolysis and have proficient energy storage functions. Our High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitors are engineered to meet several requirements of industrial house and last a long life.


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