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Metalized Film High Voltage Resonance Capacitor Type Mkph-R

1.Withstand high voltage heavy current 2. small size 3. low temperature raise 4. long lifetime Widely used in various induction heating equipment. Installeasily and flexibly.
Climatic Category40/85/21
Capacitance range0.1 ~ 3μF
Rated voltage1200~4000V.DC
Capacitance tolerance±5%(J)±10%K
Dissipation factortgδ≤0.0007at 10kHz)
Withstand voltage1.5Un60S
Insulation resistanceCXRs≥5000S ( at 20℃ 100V.DC 60S)
Withstand strike current abilitydv/dt>1000V/μs
Stray inductance≤30nH
Effective current30~100A
Referenced standardCompliance with corporate standards GB/T3984

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  • Item Code: RSN

AC Coupling/AC Filter Capacitor

Non-inductive winding with metalized polypropylene film,and special metal spray, Mylar tape encapsulation, flame retardant epoxy potting,copper nut or sheet terminal.Small size,Low stray inductance, Good over-current capability,Stabi l i ty characteristics.Widely used in all kinds of power supply, inverter, such as induction heating equipment.Series connection with power output transformer primary for coupling and blocking.
Capacitance Tol.±5% J±10%(K)
 1.1Un30% of on-load-dur.
over voltage1.15Un30min/day
tgδ0tgδ≤0.0002 0
Insulation resistance RiXCn≥5000s20℃±5℃ 100V.DC 60s
Current impact resistance dv / dt50V/μs
Climatic Category40/85/21
Operating Temp.-40℃~85℃θh.s≤85℃
Storage Temp.-40℃~85℃
Torque of terminalsM6:3.5N.m M8:6N.m
Lifetime Expectancy100000hθh.s=70℃
EncapsulationMylar tape or plastic housing, black or white epoxy
Flame retardationUL94V-0

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  • Port of Dispatch: courrier
  • Delivery Time: 1-4 week

Metalized Film High Pluse Voltage Snubber Protection Capacit

Non-inductive winding with metallized polypropylenefilm,special metalspray, mylar tape, aluminum shell orstainless steel shell encapsulation, flame retardant epoxypotting, copper nuts or copper bolts terminal.Excellenthigh-frequency ripple absorption ability, high dv/dt, goodfrequency characteristic, low stray inductance.Widely usedin high voltage inverter system for switch module(IGBT)protection,peak voltage clamp,etc.
Capacitance Tol.±5%J±10%(K)
Surge voltage1.75Unt100ms
tgδ0tgδ≤0.000810kHz 20℃
Insulation resistance RiXCnCn≤0.33μF ≥10000MΩ
 Cn0.33μF ≥10000s
Current impact resistance dv / dt200V/μs
Climatic Category40/85/21
Operating Temp.-40℃~85℃
Storage Temp.-40℃~85℃
Lead methodsNuts, bolts
Lifetime Expectancy100000hθh.s=85℃
EncapsulationMylar tape, white or black epoxy

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  • Item Code: SNB
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