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Discrete Thyristors

Finding huge application in the electrical industries, we offer Discrete Thyristors in a variety of specifications. This device is offered in 16Ato4400A at 200V-8000V; and 6Ato6000A at 200V-9000V. We offer these rectifiers in various forms like stud, flatbase, capsule forms with bride rectifier of 1ph/3ph and other forms.


Discrete Thyristors that are manufactured by the reputed company Semikron resists voltage fluctuation, works effectively in irregular temperature and works as an excellent sensor.


It finds different application in following:

  • UPS/Inverters,
  • Induction Heating
  • Welding
  • Soft Starters
  • Power Supply 


Thyristor Diode Module

Offered with automatic switch-off feature, our range of Thyristor Diode Module is safe and reliable for use in changing temperature and current. This device that has asymmetrical modules is accredited for being fast, durable and easy to install.

Manufacture by the leading companies Semikron and Sirectifier, we offer Thyristor Diode Module in the 15A to 860A and 400V to 3000V. This module that it tested and certified at our in-house facility finds application in mobile communication devices, Light emitting diode, and Semiconductor lasers.


Bipolar Junction Transistors

A brilliant device to control larger current with smaller current Bipolar Junction Transistors is offered both in customized and standard specifications. These transistors with its special current controlling feature are manufactured with the highest quality of raw materials that are fabricated with innovative technologies.

Bipolar Junction Transistors are available in forms like single, dual, six pack and isolated base modules from 10A to 400A, in an array of designs and other unique features. Procured from authentic manufacturer like Semikron, Mitsubishi, Fuji and Toshiba, these modules are used for Induction Hardening, Furnace, Designing of digital circuits and in circuits of high voltage applications.


Intelligent Power Module

We offer a range of Semiconductor devices like Intelligent Power Modules (IPM/PIM) for solder-free assembly. A quality product from Semikron, this is an intelligent power module for quick and easy solder-free assembly.

We offer an Intelligent Power Module under the brand name of Miniskiip which is manufactured with motor power up to 15kW and has a latch-up free SOI driver IC for consistent driving. This power module integrates many power and control components to enhance the reliability and to optimize system costs.


IGBT Gate Driver

We offer IGBT Gate Drivers.These IGBT Gate Driver such as Digital Driver Skyper semiconductor device offer by us individually control parameter settings and the parallel connected IGBTs with a full current of up to 9,000 A.  Digital Driver Skyper communicates via CAN input/output. This product provides the optimum interface between controller and power module.



Our product offers a high level of signal integrity and it also provides the consistent immunity from interference signals. Digital Driver Skyper is mostly suitable for use in systems that assimilate power semiconductor, cooling, capacitors and driver and controller hardware. 


Power Mosfet

A widely used semiconductor device, Power Mosfet is known for its high input impedance and as a carrier device. We offer this high quality power mosfet, which is manufactured from reputed IXYS and has wide industrial application in Electrical Industry. It works effectively at low voltage and has high commutation speed, which ensures that it does not suffer from thermal runaways and minority carrier storage time effects.

The accurately designed Power Mosfet are available in the range of 1.8A to 47A, 600V. Bearing very low RDS standards TO-247 & TO-220 package, these products find varied application in power supplies, DC to PC converters, low voltage mort controllers, and many more.

Industrial Integrated Circuit

We offer a wide range of Industrial Integrated Circuit widely used in electronic industries for application in computers, cellular phones as well as digital microwave ovens. Manufactured in layer process including imaging, deposition and etching, these Industrial Integrated Circuits are in high demand in the market and are widely used in electronic industries.

Made up to international standards our range of Industrial Integrated Circuit possess the features of small size, high speed, Low power indulgence, work using dual mathematics and are cost efficient.

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